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I have studied driving habits/
patterns/skills for 30 years, investigated and done reconstruction work on 18,000 collisions and learned pursuit driving skills at the CHP academy in Sacramento. Your bus driver was on time; courteous; with excellent driving skills and your office staff are superb.

Thank you all.

Posted by A retired private investigator from Santa Barbara

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Times and prices effective as of January 1, 2014.

Schedule - To Los Angeles International Airport - LAX

Connections to LAX

**You MUST arrive the Goleta stop at least 15 minutes prior to departure. For Santa Barbara & Carpinteria Stops please arrive 10 minutes before departure.**

Trip Number Depart Goleta Depart Santa Barbara Depart Carpinteria ARRIVE LAX
1 03:30am 03:50am 04:10am 06:00am
3 05:30am 05:50am 06:10am 08:15am
5 07:00am 07:20am 07:40am 09:45am
7 08:30am 08:50am 09:10am 11:15am
9 10:00am 10:20am 10:40am 12:45pm
11 12:00pm 12:20pm 12:40pm 02:45pm
13 03:00pm 03:20pm 03:40pm 05:45pm
15 06:00pm 06:20pm 06:40pm 08:45pm

Schedule - From Los Angeles International Airport - LAX

Connections from LAX


Trip Number BEGIN PICK UP AT LAX Arrive Carpinteria Arrive Santa Barbara Arrive Goleta
2 09:00am 11:00am 11:15am 11:30am
4 11:00am 01:00pm 01:15pm 01:30pm
6 12:30pm 02:30pm 02:45pm 03:00pm
8 02:00pm 04:00pm 04:15pm 04:30pm
10 03:30pm 05:45pm 06:00pm 06:15pm
12 05:30pm 07:45pm 08:00pm 08:15pm
14* 07:30pm 09:45pm 10:00pm 10:15pm
16* 10:00pm 12:15am 12:30am 12:45am

*Trip #14 (7:30pm) and Trip #16 (10:00pm) will take a minimum of 30 minutes to clear the airport.

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Prepaid Rates available if payment is made 24 hours in advance.


  *Discounted Prepaid Regular
Number of
1 Way Round Trip 1 Way Round Trip
1 $46 $88 $50 $95
2 $40 pp $80 pp $45 pp $85 pp
3 or more $32 pp $64 pp $35 pp $70 pp


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