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I have studied driving habits/
patterns/skills for 30 years, investigated and done reconstruction work on 18,000 collisions and learned pursuit driving skills at the CHP academy in Sacramento. Your bus driver was on time; courteous; with excellent driving skills and your office staff are superb.

Thank you all.

Posted by A retired private investigator from Santa Barbara

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All our buses are meticulously maintained by our in-house fleet management, supported by a dedicated dispatch staff and operated by experienced vehicle operators, trained by our in-house Safety and Compliance Manager Mr. Tony Gurrola, their primary goal is safety and customer satisfaction.  Each vehicle is fully equipped for your convenience and cleaned daily by our own cleaning staff.

Safety Statement

The Santa Barbara Airbus intends to provide safe, reliable, convenient and economical ground transportation service to its customers.  The first and primary function of the Santa Barbara Airbus is listed as safety.  This is not by accident.

  1. Safety of employees, customers and the general public is the number one priority.  Every effort will be made to reduce the possibility of accidental occurrences.  Safety shall be a major factor and consideration incorporated in the operation and policy decisions of all airbus employees.
  2. Safety shall take priority over expediency or short cuts.
  3. All employees, officers and directors shall strive to comply with all safety laws and regulations.
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