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Eric Onnen (CEO) –founding partner of SBA.  Eric has been with Santa Barbara Airbus for thirty-one years. He has had twenty-seven years of experience working in the transportation industry.

Eric graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) with a major in Business Economics. He is active in all aspects of daily Airbus operations. Primary duties are management, administration and marketing. 

He is currently an active member and past president of the Goleta Rotary Club, and is a past board member of the Greater Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce. He was also past president of the Santa Barbara Conference and Visitors Bureau and Film Commission and served as a Goleta City Mayor. Eric is valued among the community as a business owner and has been invited to speak at numerous public speaking events and for local charities. Eric takes pride at having been a Goleta resident since 1978.

Contact via telephone 805-964-7759 x109

Mark Klopstein (Vice President of Operations) - founding partner of SBA. Mark has been with Santa Barbara Airbus for thirty-one years. For thirty-one years he has worked in the transportation industry. He has worked in all areas of the operation from driving to maintenance. He is now currently in charge of operations. His responsibilities at SBA include being in charge of operations for dispatch and drive staff, scheduling drive staff and managing and booking our charter division.     

Contact via telephone 805-964-7759 x108

Tim Onnen (General Manager) - Tim has been with Santa Barbara Airbus for twenty-six years. Tim has demonstrated very capable and strong leadership abilities in the day-to-day operations here at SBA. He has twenty years of experience working with the transportation industry. A graduate of Cabrillo High School, Lompoc in 1986. Tim has been involved in all aspects of operations since 1983. He started out cleaning vehicles and advanced to being a managing partner of Monterey/Salinas Airbus, CA. The Monterey/Salinas Airbus division operated from years 1994 - 1999. Tim returned to SBA in 1999 as our general manager. His responsibilities include management of our LAX, Charter, Daytrip, training and compliance of all drive staff, hiring and termination of staff, and scheduling of office and maintenance staff. He is a certified DMV examiner.

Contact via telephone 805-964-7759 x106

Michael Blank (Fleet Manager) - Mike is the direct contact for maintenance and repair of all our vehicles. Mike makes a strong contribution to SBA in the organizational and mechanical goals of the company through continued growth of his skills. With over sixteen years of experience in the transportation industry, his knowledge and dedication are put into place daily. Mike currently manages a fleet of 23 coaches at our onsite state of the art facility. His responsibilities include management of maintenance staff, repair and service of vehicles, parts inventory, safety compliance and vehicle inspections (CHP & DMV).

Contact via telephone (805)964-5799 x117

Margaret Duran (Administration Manager) - Margaret is the direct contact for billing and administration and she was hired to manage all aspects of administration including: payroll, accounts payable and receivable, human resources, insurance and general office management. Her responsibilities include maintenance of employee files, complete and accurate accounting, personnel administration and advertising. Margaret brings twenty-five years of accounting, administrative and information technology skills to our management team.

Contact via telephone 805-964-7759 x107

Daniel Butters (Business Manager) - Daniel coordinates and monitors all of our Charter Bus trips. He is responsible for overseeing the execution of all privately chartered trips, including trip planning, driver preparation, and booking of trips. Daniel also dispatches on weekends and provides assistance with advertising at the Airbus. 

Contact via telephone 805-964-7759 x110

Our Customer Service Representatives include Anthony Failla, Michelle Profant, Angela Magness, Karolyn Camarillo, Celia Ramirez, Kathy Lechuga-Harrison, Suzy Silva and Wally Ramirez. They are all very knowledgeable and happy to assist you. Michelle has been here for about four years and can answer any questions you may have regarding LAX transfers or our day trips! Celia is a part time agent and can assist you in english and spanish. Angela and Karolyn are the newest members of our team and are quickly adapting to the Airbus environment. Kathy, Wally, & Suzy have all worked for Airbus about five years and their primary duties are to run our dispatch operations  but they will be happy to take your call while looking after our buses and drivers on the road.

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