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Posted by CM from Los Angeles -- over 3 years ago

Santa Barbara Airbus is simply superb. I suffer from recently acquired freeway phobia and unfortunately that includes no longer being able to go to my favorite home away from home - Santa Barbara - unless I ask someone to give me a ride. The train is not an option - such inconvenient departure times - so until I discovered SB Airbus, I was stuck in Los Angeles. But what a great solution! Brilliant drivers - Paul on the up, Gilbert on the down - safe and luxurious buses, no crowds, easy as pie to locate, wonderful on-time record - WOW - who needs driving when SB is there to take care of you? I really hope my niece gets into UCSB because if she does, I'm going to visit her once a month, even if she thinks it's too much wink And all thanks to SB Airbus, where I took a nap, read the paper, looked at the view and never once felt anything but happy and relaxed. That's right - they DO the driving for you!

Posted by Roy Gillman from Santa Barbara -- over 3 years ago
We have used Santa Barbara Airbus several times when making a trip from LAX to London, England. As soon as we arrive at the depot in Goleta our vacation starts! From the welcoming people in the office, to the outstanding bus drivers, we highly recommend you! The drivers are very helpful, friendly and courteous. As soon as we sit on the comfortable bus seats we are at peace! No frenzied car drive to get to LAX -ahead of a long international flight - and the same goes for the return journey. Can't recommend you highly enough!!!
Posted by K.M. from Carpinteria, Ca -- over 3 years ago

Customer Service on phone was SO GOOD, Attentive and helpful. Driver was so sweet and friendly. Thank you. 

Posted by Comment Card from Las Vegas, Nv -- over 3 years ago

Clean and comfortable bus and very knowledgeable driver about taking alternate routes to avoid bad traffic. 

Posted by Customer Card from Goleta, Ca -- over 3 years ago

Dave was a perfect guide, over & above what we expected from a driver. 

Posted by Comment Card from Nashua, NH -- over 3 years ago

Driver was friendly. Made me feel safe. Bus was clean! This was my first time riding a bus, it was a pleasant experience. Thank you! 

Posted by pham from Montreal, canada -- over 4 years ago

We visited Santa Barbara on the last week of december 2010. Initially we planned to take a direct flight but after going through some positive feedbacks on the web, we decided to use AIRBUS service.

AIRBUS pickup at the LAX airport is quite handy and our trip to SB was smooth. On the return trip to LAX, Kevin, our driver is very eloquent and professional. On Kevin's request, we did fill a survey but unfortunately was only able to mail it from Philadelphia before flying back to Montreal.

It was a good choice to use AIRBUS and the return trip to LAX was free since it was on the next day.

We will return to Santa Barbara in the near future and certainly will use AIRBUS service again.

T. Pham

Posted by Sarah from Santa Barbara -- almost 5 years ago

You were my first experience in the United States 6 years ago, I remember not even being able to understand " Santa Barbara ", now I live here, just thought they're was a little poetry there smile

Posted by Poor student love to travel from Goleta -- about 5 years ago

I've used SB Airbus several times between Santa Barbara and LAX. It is very easy to find where to catch the bus at LAX, it is always on time, drivers are very nice, restroom in the bus is acceptable, and you can buy drinks and snacks in the bus for reasonable price. Taking SB Airbus is the better choice than the flight at least to me because not only it is convenient but also I enjoy the scenery. (sometimes, driver takes us to PCH when freeway is traffic jam.) I can confidently refer to my important guest although one is not familiar with LAX.

Posted by A retired private investigator from Santa Barbara, CA -- about 5 years ago

I have studied driving habits/patterns/skills for 30 years. I have investigated and done reconstruction work on 18,000 collisions and learned pursuit driving skills at the CHP academy in Sacramento.  Your bus driver was on time; courteous; with excellent driving skills and  your office staff are superb. Thank you all – this was my first experience with Santa Barbara Airbus.

Posted by Kristen from Santa Barbara, CA -- about 5 years ago

So I am coming back from Sacramento and am in LA waiting for the flight back to SB….But I knew that there is a high wind advisory and I am a white knuckle flyer under the best of circumstances…so I am way scared. But I get on the little turbo prop and just decide to deal with it.  But then I got so scared on the plane that I have to get off.  Now it is 10:45pm and I call around for a rental car but they are all sold out or $150 one way.  I call my husband and he brilliantly suggests SB Airbus. I never thought SB Airbus would be coming by so late! How lucky am I?  So now I am sitting here on the center island waiting. I am so happy. SB Airbus saved me. I don’t have to drive, I save money and I can feel just a little less foolish about freaking out on the plane. Thank you.

Posted by Michael from Santa Barbara, CA -- about 5 years ago

Jim drove supremely well, under suddenly trying conditions….he received information regarding 2 accidents snarling traffic at the 405, 101 intersection and immediately chose the most expedient, alternate route.  It was tougher traffic and a slower go but his driving was skilled, alert, courteous and comfortable. Thank you.

Posted by Michael from Santa Barbara, CA -- about 5 years ago

I've said this about him before; it is very comforting to have him as a driver. The route yesterday was not a difficult one; it was just down, wait, and back. But having Bill drive allowed me to give a short narration on the way down without any thought of whether we were on track. Bill also helps the guests; in this case, one of the couples had a stroller for their 10 week old and Bill made sure it was stored and retrieved in both directions. He also stored some extra gifts for me without me asking. And I don't have to worry about whether he'll be there to pick the guests up at Sea Center. I've also said before, you have very good drivers, overall. But I realized yesterday that Bill's competence allows me to focus on the guests and my narration. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous from Santa Barbara, CA -- July 2018

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